Planning Your Stay

Welcome to Wellfound. We want your stay with us to be as comfortable as possible.
Please let us know if you have additional questions. Thank you for following these
guidelines to help protect your safety and that of others.

What can I bring into the unit?

  • Clothing (see below for more information)
  • Approved personal care items (hygiene products)
  • Reading material, journal, coloring books (please note: no hardback books or spiral notebooks)
  • Prescription eye glasses or reading glasses if needed

What can I wear in terms of clothing and footwear?

  • Recommended attire is casual clothing. Clothing is to be appropriate at all times. Footwear must be worn. Staff will provide feedback as to what is not appropriate. We request that you be dressed for breakfast and remain dressed until retiring for bed. We also ask that you use pajamas or gowns for bedtime.
  • Patient laundry area and equipment are provided. Staff will assist you as needed.
  • Scrubs (clothing) will be available if needed.

Are there things that I cannot bring into
the unit?

  • Wellfound is a smoke-free facility. No cigarettes, smoking or vaping products or devices are allowed. Smoking cessation aids (patches) are available for those who need them.
  • Items not allowed in the hospital include sharp objects, lighters and matches, medicines brought from home including medical prescriptions, nail files and clippers, scissors, glass items (except eyeglasses), rope, chain, corded items, underwire bras, scarves, belts, hoodies, mouthwash, hairspray, stuffed animals, blankets or pillows from home, jewelry including body piercings, alcohol and/ or illicit drugs, cell phones or electronics, pornography of any type, plastic bags.
  • Outside food or drink is not allowed.

What will happen to my belongings that I cannot bring in?

  • We encourage you to send items home with loved ones if possible. There is limited storage available for items not allowed on the unit.
  • Valuables (if needed) will be accounted for and safely stored until discharge.