Why Choose Wellfound?

At Wellfound, we meet our patients with sensitivity, positivity and respect. Each of us serving at Wellfound wants to help others safely find their way to greater stability and healthier tomorrows. We strive to ensure everyone we hire shares this same passion—and compassion.

What makes Wellfound different?

Wellfound is one of the few nonprofit mental health hospitals in Washington state. What does this mean for our patients?  In general, this means:

  • More time with providers
  • Smaller groups in group therapy
  • A more intimate experience overall.

Wellfound treatment focuses on therapeutic modalities of care and is uniquely a mechanically restraint-free facility.

What is the hospital like?

Our new, state-of-the-art hospital lies in sight of beautiful Mt. Rainier, south of Seattle. We have created a positive, uplifting healing environment, awash in calming, natural colors and an abundance of natural light. Wellfound is equipped with advanced patient safety features, including the latest ligature risk-free materials.  We train every staff member in a culture of safety and awareness. We respectfully provide an appropriate level of observation based on each patient’s care needs.

Our goal is to help you build the life skills you need to be successful.  We offer an exceptional, dedicated team able to address all levels of psychiatric care needs. Equally important, we value you. We respect you. We are here to support your safety and the overall quality of your experience with us.

We look forward to welcoming you to Wellfound.